Two Large Complexes
to explore

Our two complexes have a rich and interesting history, and a bright future planned for them as well.

Vastra Ny Sjukhus

Some of the oldest buildings in the area. Proudly standing since before the age of photography. It is that largest of the estates in Bona.

3 large buildings, overlooking 2 courtyards. Each building has 3 floors, a basement, and an attic; as well as dozens of rooms.

Right across from the complex is beautiful man made lake, from the age of vikings.

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The old boarding school is a 3 building complex, surrounding a sizable plaza. It is the smaller of the complexes, but every bit as beautiful.

The 3 medium sized buildings look inward into the garden-courtyard; keeping an eye on the greenery.

The central building proudly stand with at 3 stories tall, accompanied on the sides by the wings, each with 2 stories, and a sizable basement each,

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